Alumni Affairs Office


Established in 1982, the Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) is committed to developing a connected alumni community and promoting alumni's sense of belongings to their alma mater. 


With the great support of AAO, CUHK Alumni Torch Fund is committed to organizing CUHK Entrepreneur Day (E-day) for nine consecutive years. This annual event features an exhibition, a series of thematic talks, Entrepreneurship Competition and one-to-one consultation sessions, as well as the interactive display zone to promote CUHK distinctive entrepreneurship ecosystem and provide a one-stop platform to students, alumni and staff to inspire each other on their experiences of innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Initiated by CUHK Alumni Torch Fund, the CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance (CUEA) is formed by various entrepreneurship-related internal units and alumni bodies, with aim to establish a quality entrepreneurship information sharing and exchange platform for CUHK members. Since its establishment in 2020, CUEA has held a total of 6 rounds of “Happy Hour” Entrepreneurial Talk Series with nearly 60 talks. The talk series gather like-minded CU entrepreneurs as well as create a persistent wave of positive and win-win synergy in driving the growth and further development of CUHK entrepreneurship.