Astra Optics Limited

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Shih-chi CHEN
Key Technology Area:
Manufacturing Technology / Process Enhancement
Industrial Sector(s):
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Astra Optics Limited is a start-up company founded by a team of experts in optical engineering, nanomanufacturing, and material science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our ground-breaking 3D nanofabrication technology, i.e., femtosecond projection (FP) NanoPrinter, has proven records to revolutionize the micro-additive manufacturing industry by overcoming the critical bottlenecks in current state-of-the-art solutions, namely, low-throughput (~0.1 mm3/hr) and high fabrication cost ($20/mm3). 

FP Nanoprinter can simultaneously demonstrate record-setting resolution (20 nm), throughput (100s mm3/hour), three orders of magnitude faster than existing commercial products), multiple materials (20+), and substantially lower cost (1.5 USD/mm3). In 2019 and 2022, the femtosecond projection technology was published twice in the "Science" magazine and has a number of US patents. The new technology, FP-Nanoprinter will open up new possibilities for different industries such as high-precision injection molding, optics, biomedicine, chips and metamaterials.