Da Tong

Project Leader(s):
Mr. Chun Man KUNG
Key Technology Area:
Digital Entertainment
Industrial Sector(s):
Education and Training
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Da Tong is transforming education through virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The company has developed an immersive learning platform that transports students to detailed 3D re-creations of historical settings from ancient civilizations to modern cities. Within these interactive virtual worlds, students explore, solve puzzles, and go on quests guided by AI-powered teaching avatars. These virtual agents act as personal tour guides, tutors, and friends - providing context and explanations to support learning. They can understand students through natural conversations and tailor lessons in real-time based on individual progress. Da Tong also partners with schools to develop customized STEAM curriculum utilizing its virtual platform and AI teaching tools. The curriculum blends virtual and traditional lessons seamlessly. Educators are then able to track student performance across both online and offline activities. By making learning engaging through social VR simulations and personalized AI, Da Tong aims to spark curiosity and promote deeper understanding of STEAM subjects for a new generation.