Project Leader(s):
Mr. Ho-tai LAW
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
Creative Industry, Advertising and Exhibition
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At DeFiner, we are on a mission to transform the gig economy, with our primary focus on the design industry. We present businesses with the unique advantage of a virtual design team, melding the benefits of an in-house team without associated overheads. Our platform is designed to not only streamline the project process but to also tap into an extensive database of design samples, ensuring perfect alignment between designers and clients.


Our ultimate objective is to elevate operational efficiency by as much as 50%. This is achieved by meticulously understanding clients' preferences and requirements through historical data, thus ensuring that their needs are precisely met. This approach not only boosts project outcomes but also significantly enhances client satisfaction, promising a higher rate of return and prolonged engagements.


Looking to the future, DeFiner has grand plans. We aim to diversify into more service sectors. Moreover, the integration of cutting-edge AI models, inclusive of interactive generation and multimodal functionalities, is on our horizon. Our vision is to transcend the conventional, offering an unparalleled user experience that's leagues ahead in terms of efficiency, adaptability, and innovation.