Digital Vision Brands Holdings Limited

Project Leader(s):
Mr. Anthony LEUNG
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
Information and Communications
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Digital Vision Brands is a leading blockchain technology company driving the metaverse revolution. Through Virtual Asset as a Service (VaaS) model, we empower businesses to embrace the transformative potential of virtual assets while seamlessly integrating with the metaverse. With a comprehensive range of services, including asset tokenization, smart contract development, dApps, and secure blockchain infrastructure, we equip organizations to thrive in the evolving digital landscape. Our featured VaaS-based platform includes
- SDG x CARBON is the first all-inclusive ESG Solutions Web 3.0 platform, offering a fast, intuitive, and cost-effective journey for carbon offset. The platform has already demonstrated its potential usage in ticketing services and fundraising, collaborating with the movie "A Guilty Conscience" and the Hong Kong Cancer Foundation, respectively.
- Retail NFR, the Web3 retail solution, has developed a model for digital certificates that are certified by a third party. Apart from its successful showcase as access and coupons,it also holds high expectations for its potential in ownership, such as NFT properties and privileged rights.
- Naffiti is the first DAO-governed gasless NFT marketplace that aids creators, entrepreneurs, and license owners in creating and marketing NFT collections while assisting them in building communities. Naffiti has launched collaborations with global brand 9GAG and comic artist Khoo Fuk-Lung.