Environmental Sustainability Guardian Limited

Project Leader(s):
Mr. William CHOW
Key Technology Area:
Green Technology / Environmental Technology
Industrial Sector(s):
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ESGuardian advocates a low carbon lifestyle and applying silica capsule technology (the “Technology”) into daily necessaries. ESGuardian is a green manufacturer producing eco-friendly cleansing products for both corporate customers and individual customers. The silica capsule is an innovative and disruptive technology that provides a new way to store and release concentrated liquid products for cleaning, cosmetic, and personal hygiene use. Its solid form provides a convenient, easy-to-handle alternative to traditional liquid products. Our product is even able to perform 99.9% killing rate which outperformed to many well-known brands. Every gel produced by silica capsules will have a 99% reduction in size and weight compared to conventional liquid products with the same performance. The reduction could significantly reduce ~90% of carbon footprint comparing with conventional liquid cleansing product and minimize the use of plastic material for packaging. Our product is also beneficial to corporate customers with the save in storage cost, logistic cost and operation cost. We hope to build a eco system which can achieve a win-win situation to the society, corporates, individual users.