Project Leader(s):
Mr. Ka-pun NG
Key Technology Area:
Digital Entertainment
Industrial Sector(s):
Creative Industry, Advertising and Exhibition
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GAMLIC Studio is a passionate and creative game company fusing AI technology into game development and gameplay. We hope to utilize the newest technology to tackle the problem among the current game industry and create high quality and creative games for entertainment.

Currently, we are developing a project fusing storytelling and digital card games. 

For the storytelling part, we are developing a system based on ChatGPT which allows players to explore the original imaginary world according to the prompt we created. Players can enjoy different adventures each time they play, and each player's decision and actions will lead to different outcomes. So, Players can immerse themselves into the world and have a better story reading experience.

For the digital card game, it is a board-game-like game with original rules hosted online. Players can either play matchmaking or play with friends simply by constructing a deck of cards. Since the cards are designed based on the background story and aim at tactics and synergies, players can both have an immersive and challenging game experience while they are playing.