Hong Kong Centre for Logistics Robotics

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Yun-hui LIU / Prof. Masayoshi TOMIZUKA
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
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Hong Kong Centre for Logistics Robotics was founded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong under the support of InnoHK Clusters of HKSAR government, with research contributions from the University of California, Berkeley. The Centre is currently focusing on four research streams in logistics-related robotics technologies, namely: Robust Sensing and Perception, Human-robot Collaboration, Smart Manipulation Robots, and Unmanned Logistics Vehicles.

The TransCam 3D developed by our spin-off DepthVision, is the first and only 3D camera capable of acquiring 3D shape of transparent objects with high accuracy, high speed and a large field-of-view, which garners the gold medal in Geneva Invention 2023.