Illuminatio Medical Technology Limited

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Weitian CHEN
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
Health and Healthcare Device
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Illuminatio Medical Technology Limited (IMT), based in Hong Kong, is an early-stage start-up company focusing on diagnostic medical imaging. The company was founded by several professors from CUHK with the aim of commercializing the team's research results at CUHK and bringing high-quality medical imaging products to the global market.

Chronic liver disease (CLD) is a pandemic healthcare problem affecting about 1.5 billion people worldwide. Diagnosis of liver fibrosis plays a key role in the clinical management of patients with CLD. The current gold standard for diagnosis of liver fibrosis is liver biopsy, which is invasive, costly, and unsuitable for screening and treatment monitoring. The existing non-invasive methods still have significant limitations to diagnose liver fibrosis. Our company works on a non-invasive diagnostic technology to fill this gap with the aim to provide a comprehensive assessment of CLD.