Kongcept Limited

Project Leader(s):
Mr. Ho Hang CHENG
Key Technology Area:
Smart Tourism
Industrial Sector(s):
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《我港Kongcept》 started 2 years ago on Instagram, with the initiative to bridge the common ground between cultural conservation and social development. Our spectrum of partners covers local developers, cultural enterprises, NGOs and creators with different professions. We deliver cultural content through illustrations, videography, guided tours, and music collaboration with local artists.


Our project is named "Kongcep Tour", it is a cultural platform that can integrate culture and art into everyone's lifestyle by leveraging digital creators' resources and offline environment. We have two main features:


1. "Cultural Map Navigation" act as a tool to connect online creations with the physical world to create an omni-virtual tour experience. With GPS and Al algorithms, platform users can handily receive the best content suggestions according to their location and instantly extend their learning from virtual to reality interchangeably.
2. "Tour Marketplace" to facilitate the sales of local cultural tours created by individuals and corporates.