Loop Sports Technology Co., Ltd

Project Leader(s):
Mr. Sherman CHU
Key Technology Area:
Data Analytics / Big Data
Industrial Sector(s):
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Loop Sports Technology (LST) was founded by two rowing coaches in 2019. Our vision is to promote rowing in a greater scale, to let the sports more affordable so more people can benefit from the sport. LST has two major strategies to coach more students: 1) to allow existing rowing coaches supervise more student without scarifying the quality; 2) to allow general P.E. teachers conduct indoor rowing classes with on-demand instructions and standard curriculum.


Data is the key for acceleration. We make wearable device and smart equipment enabler to automate data collection process on rowing machines and rowing boat. By building data modelling library and providing customized data analytic tool, conclusion and suggestions can be drawn automatically. 

PMX is a smart coaching solution for rowing coaches powered by Loop Sports Technology (LST). From collection to decision, PMX automates the end-to-end data usage with effortless implementation. Allowing rowing teams a well-trained coaching assistant in great consistent and flexibility at low cost.

Coach MORE and coach BETTER with PMX.