Luquos Energy Limited

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Yi-Chun LU
Key Technology Area:
Energy Technology / Clean Technology
Industrial Sector(s):
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Luquos Energy Limited is founded by Prof. Yi-Chun Lu’s team from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The team focuses on the commercialization of advanced flow battery technologies, providing a secure, low-cost, and eco-friendly battery for large-scale energy storage.

Utilizing renewable energies is the key to achieving carbon neutrality. Large-scale energy storage is essential to overcome the intermittency of renewables. Yet, commercial Li-ion battery faces issues like flammability and increasing cost, making it not an ideal candidate for large-scale energy storage. 

The novel flow battery invented by our team employs aqueous electrolytes, which is inherently inflammable. The battery active materials are made from earth-abundant elements, which is low-cost and eco-friendly. The novel highly selective ion-exchange membrane developed by the team greatly improves the battery lifetime to over 15 years, which doubles the lifetime of Li-ion batteries. The technology is promising in energy storage applications such as renewable power storage, uninterruptible power source, smart micro grid, EV solar charger etc. The kW-level battery system prototype will be tested in public trial projects in Hong Kong and Shenzheng by the end of 2023. We aim to accelerate the progress of carbon neutrality with the green battery technologies.