MicroMag Healthcare Ltd

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Li ZHANG / Prof. Tony Kai Fung CHAN / Mr. Charles Wai Shing LIU
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
In Vitro Diagnostics
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MicroMag Healthcare is dedicated to weaving engineering research and medical applications together and preventing outbreaks of infectious diseases by providing a rapid, accurate, fully automated diagnosis with our novel microrobotic technology, such that timely treatment is possible by prompt screening.

MicroMag’s first-gen product, QuickCAS, which focuses on C. difficile (a common pathogen in hospitals and healthcare settings) and uses microrobots to navigate inside the patient’s sample to detect toxin and its concentrations, brings a swift, low-cost, fully automated test to the healthcare industry:
-    Rapid
Compared to the current clinical approach of 2-4 hours, QuickCAS only takes 15-30 minutes to complete the test
-    Low-cost
QuickCAS can save ~70% cost compared to the current tests
-    Fully Automated
QuickCAS does not require professional technicians to perform complicated procedures. It also reduces the infection risk due to minimized exposure
-    Easy Operation
Compared to the current approaches, QuickCAS does not require refrigeration which is convenient for transportation and storage.