O-Spheres Limited

Project Leader(s):
Prof. To NGAI
Key Technology Area:
Materials Science
Industrial Sector(s):
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Founded in January 2022, O-Spheres Limited offers tailor-made preparatory methods to manufacture sophisticated polymer free hollow microspheres (HS) with precisely controlled physical properties, such as size, shell thickness, permeability, mechanical strength, and biocompatibility, which could be developed into customised eco-friendly alternatives in different industries. 


With our science-informed and evidence-based innovative eco-HS technology, we are committed to upholding the values of the United Nations' “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, aiming to alleviate various environmental challenges through innovation. We have successfully developed novel HS-based physical UV filters, “O-Spheres SunBlocker”. In addition to addressing the issue of microplastics and health concerns associated with conventional UV filters, O-Spheres SunBlocker offers improved UV protection, a more desirable texture, and avoids the problem of white masks caused by physical UV filters for a better user experience.