SmartAge Intelligence Limited

Project Leader(s):
Mr. Jason OR
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
Medical and Caring
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SmartAge Intelligence aims to promote aging in place and intergenerational harmony through gerontech. We offer a smart home analysis system and community resource referrals. Utilizing AI analysis of lifestyle patterns, we identify health risks early and provide prompt intervention. Our proactive care includes emergency alerts and preventive measures. Introducing the innovative "SmartAge Care Pathway," we identify health risks, conduct initial AI assessments, offer professional nursing advice, and provide early intervention. Based in Cyberport, we were selected for the Hong Kong Housing Authority's Proof of Concept Program and received SIE funding. Future plans involve expanding into the healthcare data market with health marketing services. Our management team possesses a strong EMBA network, international experience, a mix of business and tech expertise, and entrepreneurial backgrounds.