Space Tutor

Project Leader(s):
Mr. Tsz-fung WONG
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
Education and Training
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Space Tutor enhances English learning in Hong Kong with AI-driven, personalized solutions. We developed dynamic student profiling and a flexible booking system, collaborating with experienced teachers to deliver tailored instruction.


We prioritize transparency, enabling parents to monitor progress. Our advanced Student Information System (SIS) aggregates data from assessments, homework, lesson recordings, and teacher insights. During processing, AI tools, including speech recognition for lesson transcription, handwriting recognition, and grammar checks, analyze the data. Using these profiles, the system then generates AI-driven personalized exercises tailored to each student's needs. The combination of these insights and tailored practices provides invaluable guidance for educators, learners, and parents to ensure students' optimal progression.


Our primary goal is to empower children with essential English skills for a globalized world. While we currently harness data, our future vision involves refining and expanding its utilization to craft superior personalized learning plans. These plans will provide teachers with tailored teaching materials, such as PowerPoint presentations, offer students customized exercises, and introduce pertinent videos for enhanced learning. As we evolve, our ambition is to amplify our AI-powered services, further boosting motivation, engagement, and overall outcomes.