TiFi Technologies Limited

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Soung-chang LIEW
Key Technology Area:
Communications Technology
Industrial Sector(s):
Information and Communications
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TiFi aspires to become a leading provider of cutting-edge wireless technologies and products for industrial usage within five years. The team members have an aggregate of more than 60 person-years of R&D experience in wireless communication technology.

Today’s mission-critical machines in factories and logistic warehouses are predominantly interconnected by wired networks. In the coming age of Industry 4.0, many new industrial applications call for tetherless, mobile, and adaptive connectivity between machines that can only be provided by wireless networks.

Today’s wireless networks, however, are unreliable due to radio frequency interference and signal blockage by objects. Furthermore, many mission-critical industrial operations and processes call for end-to-end communication latency between machines in the regime of milliseconds and sub-milliseconds that is beyond the reach of today’s wireless networks.

TiFi provides technologies and products that enable reliable time-sensitive wireless networks, a key component for a wide range of Industrial 4.0 applications.