Ynno Med Limited

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Xiao YANG
Key Technology Area:
Industrial Sector(s):
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products
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YnnoMed is a drug R&D platform committed to helping those suffering from drug-resistant infections by developing first-in-class antimicrobials with new modes-of-action. YnnoMed has pioneered the development of bacterial transcription inhibitors as new antimicrobial agents. The deployment of our in-house AI-assisted technology significantly shortens time, streamlines processes, and ultimately reduces costs and failure rates involved in pre-clinical stages of drug development. The result is several series of patent-protected first-in-class antibiotic pipelines with proven effectiveness against drug-resistant pathogens found on the WHO priority pathogens list, which show strong prospects for clinical use. Working closely with our international partners, we seek to turn the tide of antimicrobial resistance by marketising the first “Made in Hong Kong” antibiotics and by inspiring other key players to embrace revolutionary approaches to drive availability of new drugs and enhance the global pipeline.