n-hop technologies Limited

Project Leader(s):
Prof. Raymond Yeung
Key Technology Area:
Communications Technology
Industrial Sector(s):
Information and Communications
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n-hop technologies has developed BATS, a revolutionary communication technology based on the fundamental research at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In loT, most devices cannot be directly connected to the wireline network, but rather need to go through many other wireless loT devices. Thus wireless multi-hop networks will be in great demand. BATS can dramatically improve the performance of such networks. The gain brought about by BATS, which increases with the number of hops, is unbounded. With BATS, the transmission throughput can sustain after tens or even hundreds of hops. BATS has already been proven successful in the Hong Kong Government's pilot smart lamppost system. A very wide range of other applications can benefit from BATS, including 5G, loT, V2X, satellite communication, and underwater acoustic communication.


n-hop has launched two successful proof-of-concept (POC) projects for the HKSAR government with the BATS code technology. The projects involved smart lampposts and public Wi-Fi hotspots in remote country park area. In particular,  the wireless multi-hop application of BATS in smart lamppost and 5G network won the International Geneva Invention Gold+ Awards in 2019 and 2023, respectively. n-hop works closely with the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and collaborates with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) on a research project aiming to commercialize the technology. n-hop is a member of GSMA and O-RAN Alliance.